Secret Gene Project


Secret Gene Project is a research initiative in the process of being set up by myself and leading genetic expert Dr Hyung-Goo Kim. We’re working to unmask the genes holding secrets to unexplained conditions, including Autism and Developmental Delay.

A team of experts will be investigating certain chromosomal abnormalities associated with these conditions. Specifically they will be looking at balanced translocations, balanced inversions and small copy number variations (CNVs) in the forms of microdeletions and micro duplications.

Too technical? Think of it this way: if DNA is the body’s software code, we’re interested in cases where parts of the code get out of sequence –  or where tiny amounts of data are missing or repeated.

With the human genome now virtually fully sequenced, there’s never been a better time in history to conduct this groundbreaking work.

Stay tuned for our official launch, including the new Secret Gene Project website, in June 2017.