Blue Sky

Blue Sky (Blue Sky Autism Project) helps young children and their families at a time they desperately need it: in the early years.

The UK registered charity offers an innovative, unique service of individualised programmes of therapy to young children experiencing developmental delays and challenges, including autism spectrum disorder.

It is often challenging to obtain a diagnosis for your child before they are school age, which is why children with any developmental delays are welcome to access Blue Sky services, whether or not they have a diagnosis.

Blue Sky employs trusted and effective therapy approaches including a leading, US-based approach called Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT). PRT is one of the most well-researched of all autism interventions to date.

Blue Sky was responsible for bringing Pivotal Response Treatment to the UK with the first ever British PRT training conference in 2015 – an exciting pioneering effort. Blue Sky continues to provide PRT events and training support for families and professionals.

Over the years my involvement included all kinds of experiences such as being a service user, attending PRT training level 1, volunteering, acting as a trustee and generally helping to promote the cause. I can say first hand that thanks to its “blue sky thinking,”  this organisation is changing lives.

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