TEV Project partnership with Newcastle University announced!

All of us at TEV project, the initiative to advance highway infrastructure and the way people travel, are thrilled to announce our partnership with Newcastle University!

TEV is a vision for a next-generation highway with the ability to charge electric vehicles as they travel. Our project is teaming up with the university to bring our zero-emissions concept to life.

TEV’s design allows electric cars and fleet vehicles to drive on a dedicated lane under full automatic control which will enable vastly greater passenger carrying capacities among other benefits, compared with traditional motorways.

Professor Volker Pickert, Professor of Power Electronics and Head of the Electrical Power Research Group at Newcastle University is to carry out an industrial fellowship for the next 12 months, focusing his efforts on TEV in order to take it from an idea to reality.

Volker studied Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Science and Technology Aachen, Germany and the University of Cambridge. He received his PhD in power electronics from Newcastle University. Since than he built up 20 years of industrial and academic experience in hybrid electric vehicles research and development, providing strong experience which will benefit TEV, especially during the development stages

He will now use his expert knowledge to carry out feasibility tests, explore the best components that can be used to make the track and speak to other innovative organisations that are passionate about the future of transportation.

Commenting on the partnership, Volker said:
“I’m hugely excited to be working on TEV. As an academic I usually just focus on the technology, however TEV offers such a holistic approach unlike no other.

“TEV addresses all the facets required to deliver a good, exciting transport solution for the future, which makes it an incredibly attractive proposition for support as we move forward.

“From my initial contacts, engineers as well as investors want to be part of it and it’s an incredible opportunity to be at the forefront of such a transformational solution that will literally change the way we live and travel.

“TEV has global aspirations and I’m honoured to be working as part of the team.”

Newcastle University also has impressive links with technology giants including Siemens, Nissan and Dyson which has its own Research & Development Centre at the university.

With the university’s track record working with emerging technology, as well as Volker’s deep knowledge of the technology TEV employs, this is an exciting step forward for TEV Project and for more sustainable road transport.

Volker has already started working on TEV and we look forward to providing ongoing updates as the idea gets closer to reality, helping TEV address the many challenges posed by car transport here and abroad.