1971 Chevrolet Chevelle SS spotted today https://t.co/b9SzjUpPpC
When an old Frazier episode is suddenly on-point https://t.co/j9stB3IKdc
Plans for 5 million #ElectricCars by 2030 in the state of #California have been signed by the state's Governor https://t.co/OZZR2ERqfU
Overheard hen / bachelorette party at airport gate: “c’mon let’s all take a picture for prosperity!”
For reals: there’s a KING, his family and their entourage on my plane! I deduced this because all their bags say “… https://t.co/TxKnscZZUL
A global battery network has been announced by @MercedesBenz to support its #ElectricVehicle production plan https://t.co/1PNCJMGodj
Airports: where it’s acceptable to carry a pillow, drink beer at breakfast and blatantly stare at strangers
I dunno Tim. The pull of becoming a recorder star is due to the outrageous successes of a few recorder stars. Co… https://t.co/tyVkC1mXOB
If you’re the kind of person who loves taking care of someone, find someone who loves taking care of you. You deser… https://t.co/FA271Up1Lf
On our way to becoming 100% electric, but what about the infrastructure? #TEV is the solution https://t.co/5fqSGIL4Pu
Time to de-ICE
January 14
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TEV scoops “Global Game Changer” Accolade
November 07

We've been celebrating after being commended in the Global Game Changers Awards 2017!

Diners, drive-ins and driverless cars
October 30
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October 10

TEV Project partnership with Newcastle University announced!
June 17

Interview #ElFuturoEsOne
February 26
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India’s roads
January 30

It has a population of well over a billion, the average age will soon be 29, and motor vehicle ownership stats are exploding - so let's talk about transport in India.