Back from very large actual physical real life shopping mall
No amount of coffee is going to fix this morning but I’m going to try anyway. That’s life. It’s about pushing for…
I can’t cope with morning people. Or morning or people.
RT @Inc: With 1 tweet, Kylie Jenner cut $1.3 billion from Snapchat. Here's the explanation everyone's missing.
#CleanEnergy, with its lower costs and smaller infrastructure compared to traditional power stations, could be the…
The news suggests I’m not the only one who hates Snapchat’s update But I do seem to be the only person who looks u…
1971 Chevrolet Chevelle SS spotted today
When an old Frazier episode is suddenly on-point
Plans for 5 million #ElectricCars by 2030 in the state of #California have been signed by the state's Governor
Overheard hen / bachelorette party at airport gate: “c’mon let’s all take a picture for prosperity!”
Time to de-ICE
January 14
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TEV scoops “Global Game Changer” Accolade
November 07

We've been celebrating after being commended in the Global Game Changers Awards 2017!

Diners, drive-ins and driverless cars
October 30
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October 10

TEV Project partnership with Newcastle University announced!
June 17

Interview #ElFuturoEsOne
February 26
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India’s roads
January 30

It has a population of well over a billion, the average age will soon be 29, and motor vehicle ownership stats are exploding - so let's talk about transport in India.